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After many years of experience in furniture, in January 2018, Mr. Viktor Laska created the Sezon Dekor, bringing to Albania a new spirit not only in the furniture sector, but also in the creation of events.
By doing an unremitting and devoted work, emphasizing every detail, within a very short time, Sezon Dekor has managed to become one of the best companies in its industry in our country. Quality, uniqueness and creativity are the ones that differentiate, adapting to the desires and demands of the customers at all times.



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Sezon Dekor is the first company in the country that brings the atmosphere of every season and
holiday through its unique ideas and products. We can not fail to mention the magic and the splendor
that every event brings to the end of the year, focusing on Tirana, but not only.
Currently, with two subsidiaries in Tirana it aims to be closer to customers
by expanding the network of shops not only in the largest cities in Albania but also in neighboring countries.

What We Do

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We work with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process.


If you decide you want to keep an item, we offer you the opportunity to do yours through renting.


Not sure where to begin with your wedding planning? Take a look and create a free, personalized wedding with us.


Make every place look as festive as possible this Christmas with these glittering, shiny and jolly decorating ideas.


Season Decor gives you the opportunity to create your favorite combinations and give life to the home that your soul conveys ....!


We are collaborators of your ideas and imagination, offering you unique products in quality and design with the best prices.


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"Variety of quality products"

Erald Sanxhaku


" Unique shop which offers unique furniture of different environments. What is special is the fact that in the period of the December holidays this store is very similar to that home in 'Home Alone' movies. Personally, that idea crosses my mind every time I see this store in December."

Gledis Çela


"Sezon Dekor is a unique shop. If you like to decorate your home, office, shops, you should visited this shop."

Vjollca Dinaj